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We provide design, Sourcing & OEM mass production.

With years of industry and consultancy work behind him, Jan van Buuren formed J.A.N! serious designs BV in 2003 to provide design, engineering, OEM production and project management services to companies wishing to expand or create new business by selling outstanding products.

J.A.N! Serious Designs.

J.A.N! Serious Designs (JSD) is based in Schiedam in The Netherlands. The studio is based in the new part of this old city, located close to both the city centre of Rotterdam as the North Sea beaches. Both are essential sources of inspiration for our design work and products.



Location: The Netherlands

Activities: Sourcing – Design – mass production


JSD works for a wide range of companies, varying from multinationals to small start ups. They have at least one thing in common: they want to expand or create business by selling new products or updating existing ones. Our extensive expertise enables us to add refreshing ideas to projects while safeguarding our clients confidentiality at the same time.

GARMIN-Tacx |  Peheja bv | G-Nautics | GAASTRA Sportswear | GAASTRA WINDSURFING | F.ZWEI | Cuesta | Day of the Decade | MITSUBISHI MOTERS |SPRINGLIFE – Medical | GA and others.

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 Location: The Netherlands

Activities: Sourcing – Design – mass production



JSD knows the ins and outs and do’s and dont’s of product development. But we don’t believe in one fixed approach for every project. Therefore we carefully evaluate the needs of our clients at the start of our partnership. Based on this we offer a tailored approach, ranging from a single design that is further developed by our clients to a ‘full service’ approach. For our projects we work together with the best manufacturers in the Far East. Over the years we developed an excellent knowledge and experience in sourcing, prototyping, mass production, product management, quality control and the import and export of goods.

 Location: The Netherlands

Activities: Sourcing – Design – mass production


Far East Production and sourcing

Far East mass production possibilities
Working for years together with OEM factories (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in China, Taiwan and Indonesia, we developed the know how to mass produce a wide range of products.
Our partners are exclusively OEM factories and they will produce our products according to the exact requirements of the brand. The production is checked by a qualified Product Manager.
We have long time relations with our suppliers and we regularly visit the factories for development and quality control. We offer full service solutions for our customers and deliver worldwide goods to your doorstep but we also can introduce customers into our factory network.


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